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How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Having up-to-date brake pads is an important aspect of your vehicle’s safety and performance ratings. At Ira Toyota Saco, we’ve written this guide to help you get all you can out of your brake pads, and we talk about how long they last. We look forward to spreading this helpful info to our customers around Saco, Portland, and Scarborough, ME.

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How Long Will My Brake Pads Last?

While there is no hard-and-fast rule on this, there are some recommendations in place. The typical brake pad will last around 40,000 miles on average, although its actual parameters are a lot more extensive than that. Generally speaking, a brake pad can last from 20,000 to 65,000 miles. What defines the lifespan of your specific brake pad are your driving habits and the type of brake pads you utilize.

If you’re the kind of driver who is always on the move and putting heavy mileage on your engine, there’s reason to expect a shorter brake pad lifespan. If you engage the brakes more often than those who enjoy a more relaxed or balanced driving life, your equipment will suffer more wear. If you pull back on the number of miles you drive, you’ll lengthen the lifespan of your brake pads.

How Will I Know When to Change My Brake Pads?

Much like any other piece of equipment in your vehicle, when something begins to become worn down or needs changing, you can expect to see some type of sign or malfunction. Here are just a few of them for you to look out for the next time you hit the road.

A good example is when you experience vibration when you apply the brakes. This can often signify that your vehicle’s braking system needs expert care. It can also mean that there is an element of the system—like the rotors—that is warped and has created uneven brake pad wear at the same time.

If you’re experiencing a loud grinding noise when hitting the brake pedal, this is a sign they need to be replaced immediately. This is due to how some brake pads have metal wear indicators, which can tell you if the pads need replacing by emitting a loud grinding noise.

One other sign to look out for is if your brake pads look too thin. Through visual inspection, you can see if they appear to be less than a quarter inch or 6.4-mm thick, and if so, prepare to get them changed sooner rather than later.

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Ira Toyota Saco Service Center

Our Ira Toyota Saco Service Center

An effective way to prevent these brake pad issues from the start is to have us install genuine Toyota brake pads. Our factory-trained technicians will properly install them for you to ensure that you get a high-performing piece of equipment. In addition, our ceramic brake pads may help reduce heat, noise, and brake dust, as well as help extend rotor life.

Having great brake pads are important because they ensure optimal braking performance, contribute to proper vehicle control, maintain vehicle safety, maximize stopping power, and improve stopping distance.

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Now that our customers near Saco, Portland, and Scarborough, Maine, have read our guide to how long do brake pads last, it’s time to act. When you need new brake pads, schedule your service with us at Ira Toyota Saco!

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